Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer 1.8

No Image Daily. They all display the reminders that have been entered using Daily mode. Daily mode can also be used to write in your journal and set reminders for different times of the day. There are several special features in Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer. Like the "Desktop Calendar" mode, which places a small calendar on your desktop. And for those who don`t like to be cluttered by programs in the taskbar there is an option to minimise it to the System

HD Daily Journal 1.1: Easily keep a daily journal with pictures. Simple and fun to use.
HD Daily Journal 1.1

Easily keep a daily journal with pictures. Simple and fun to use. Store an unlimited number of entries, with up to 4 pictures for each day. Easily search, browse or print entries. Will run on a portable flash drive. • Enter unlimited daily entries. • Print entries in a nice format. • Quickly go to previous entries. • Set editor font, color & style. • Optional password protection. • Auto database backup • Free upgrades for life.

software, record, highdesert, diary, journal

Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 6 Shifts 1.6: Dispatch 50 employees to 6 shifts and locations on an Excel calendar scheduler
Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 6 Shifts 1.6

daily shifts and 75 locations each day on a simple Excel calendar scheduler. First you specify the availability of each employee for each shift each day for the month, and then you assign them to one or more daily shifts and locations from drop-down menus of people who are qualified and available for the shift on that day. You may schedule someone to more than 1 daily shift, but are alerted if you do. This scheduler is ideal for companies that dispatch

schedule on a calendar, employee dispatcher, agency scheduler

Pedometer Log 1.0: Keep track of your pedometer steps.
Pedometer Log 1.0

daily steps for a year. It will also convert these steps to miles or kilometers and calculate the number of calories (kcal) burned while walking. You can also see a graph of your daily or weekly totals. Featrues: keep track of your daily number of steps; view your steps, distance and kcal for each day; select US or Metric system; enter your personal weight for calculating kcal; enter your stride length for calculating distance; create as many files

10000 steps, pedometer

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Horoscope 1.0

Daily Horoscope Screensaver! Change the birth date and receive any other sign of your choice. The trial version will be available for 14 days; after that time, you will have the option to purchase the full version and receive a full year of daily horoscopes. Attributes for each of the zodiac signs are also included in this screensaver. The full version of the Horoscope screensaver offers your daily horoscope along with the daily romance horoscope

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The Journal 6: The Journal: Write, Organize, Remember, Find
The Journal 6

daily journal! Keeping a daily journal has never been easier! The Journal always knows what day it is, and automatically brings up a new entry for you every day. * Get organized! With The Journal you can be as organized as you want to be! Keep your "daily pages" separate from your work notes, or your dreams separate from your correspondence--but only if you want to. * Do it Your Way! The Journal has no "agenda"--except to be as useful as possible

notes, personal information manager, diary, journal

MB Daily Cartomancy 1.20: An excellent Daily Cartomancy software that predicts your fortune for the day.
MB Daily Cartomancy 1.20

MB Free Daily Cartomancy is an excellent and an interesting software which predicts your fortune for a particular day with the help of playing cards. The software is simple with an easy to use interface. This divination tool can be used to bring about clarity and inspiration in your spiritual thinking. This also helps in solving your day to day issues and problems.

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